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Entrata is a product based organization. We discovered early that when you give smart tools to smart people, they build amazing things. That is what Entrata India has done, & the results speak for themselves.


Entrata India is a web-based property management software platform that is poised to take the multifamily industry by storm. Its unique architecture provides more efficiency and scalability than any other solution in the market. Plus, seamless integration with Entrata's extensive product suite makes it the world's most comprehensive property management system.

web applications
desktop applications


Lead Alert is a desktop application that facilitates communication for property management professionals. This application lives on the windows taskbar and alerts users whenever a prospect reaches out by phone, text, online form, or chat. The system includes a live chat feature that lets users respond immediately to client communications and captures and stores all lead information for follow-up.


SiteTablet is the multifamily's industry best iPad app, but do not take our word for it. Just ask the users who voted SiteTablet the MultiHousing News Technology Choice Award for Most Innovative Technology in 2011. This app lets users take all of the functionality of our award winning web and desktop platforms with them when they leave the office. Increased access, greater efficiency, and stunning good looks are what SiteTablet is all about.

mobile applications


Entrata India approaches application and web development as a strategic process rather than simply doing a job. We use a systematic approach including effective project management from need analysis through quality assurance. The payback comes when each project is completed to the highest standards. Booyah!

web developmentWeb Development

With technical expertise covering a range of coding languages and platforms, Entrata India is able to create websites that are stronger, faster, and just plain better than ever before.

application developmentApplication Development

Entrata India has a team supervising each step of custom application and maintenance, from analysis to design, to testing, and support. Attention to detail? We have got it covered.

quality assuranceQuality Assurance

Entrata India has QA services encompassing the entire SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) with the latest verification and validation methodologies. Bugs beware!


You can not talk about Entrata India without talking about PHP. We have created one of the largest, most advanced PHP architectures and continue to find ways to do amazing things with a largely underappreciated scripting language. Our secret? Object Oriented Programming (OOPs). The OOPs philosophy lets us escape the limitations of old, procedural programming languages and build more flexible and scalable software. Our team uses PHP OOPs to program in such a way that exponentially increases the efficiency of the architecture.

By focusing on self-sustainable objects and the four main object-oriented programming concepts (Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism and Abstraction) we keep our options open for the kind of creativity and innovation that have made Entrata unparalleled in the world of multifamily technology. Innovative systems, world-class products, forward-thinking leadership. At Entrata India, sky's the limit.

Other Technologies

Entrata India's development projects rely on creativity, innovation, and cutting edge technology.

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