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corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility at Entrata India primarily focuses on the provision of quality education services for children belonging to an economically and socially backward strata of society, with an emphasis on visually challenged individuals. We have been working in this area since 2014 and are associated with several organizations and nonprofits working for the visually impaired community in Maharashtra.

Entrata India also contributes towards the environment, through tree plantation drives, in collaboration with the Maharashtra forest department.
Blood donation and organ-donation awareness camps are conducted at Entrata India which gives our employees an opportunity to be an integral part of our CSR projects.

Challenges identified in the education system for the visually impaired

Education in children with disabilities is not limited to just knowledge imparted through school and college courses. They lack exposure to situations which improve their communication, socialization and mobility skills. There is very little emphasis laid on computer education for the blind, especially in the rural areas.

Due to lack of knowledge of the growing technology, there is a noticeable trend and stigma, with limited opportunities in careers and vocations, that are pursued by individuals with vision impairment. It is important to identify the strength of each child and empower children towards that career path, from a young age.

Our role


Entrata India functions as a link between different organizations working for the visually impaired and the beneficiaries from rural villages of Maharashtra, giving them access to educational and vocational opportunities that help strengthen such communities. We help the child identify his/her career path and address the vital skills sets required to adapt to the changing technology needs. We also provide the required financial support and guidance to these students, until they become independent individuals and are able to earn their own livelihood.

Our Vision


We envision a world where differently abled individuals in our society are able to achieve their full potential and live in society with dignity & equal opportunities.

Our Mission


We seek to partner with differently abled persons belonging to economically weaker sections of society by:

  • Providing support in furtherance of their education
  • Promoting the use of technological advances for their benefit
  • Supporting other activities for their welfare & development including employment

csr projects
Supporting NGOs working for the visually challenged

Entrata India has been supporting schools for the visually impaired via infrastructure development, sponsoring primary and higher education of blind students, conducting health camps in schools and donating necessary equipment and groceries to children. We promote computer literacy and soft skills training in schools through donation of computers/laptops and sponsoring the salaries of the trainers. We also sponsor activities for employment, vocation and recreation for the blind. Students under our scholarship program can also avail the benefits of career and general counseling through professionals in these respective fields.

Website development for NGOs

Entrata India provides volunteers to develop websites for non-profit organizations, to help improve their online presence.

Educational scholarships for visually impaired students

Visually challenged students who wish to pursue graduation or post-graduation, may apply to Entrata India for scholarships at the beginning of their academic year. Limited entries will be considered and scholarships will be awarded on a first come first serve basis.

A Greener Planet

Promoting a greener and healthier future, Entrata India Systems in association with the Maharashtra forest department, organizes tree plantation drives. Employees along with their families participate with great enthusiasm, for this fulfilling and enriching experience amidst nature. Entrata India volunteers have also participated in cleanliness drives, Shramdaan activity with Paani Foundation, paper-bag making workshops and other activities to help the environment.

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CSR Partner

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